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Finding a cost-effective and experienced mobile application development company might not be a hard task these days. However, we stand out for one important thing - client satisfaction. We pride ourselves on creating customized applications for small, medium, and large enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Being a Start to End Development Agency, we just don't design, develop and launch your application. We ensure it succeeds and provides you with a growth plan to continue the same. We strive hard to change and challenge boundaries, and our mobile app design and development team is proficient enough to handle various facets of technology with ease.

All our products are the results of our extensive research and implementation of agile methodology. Our mobile app solutions are human-centric and help brands obtain desired results.

Web Design & PR

Mobility Services Strategy

We follow a fairly straightforward process. Our team is guided by research and the strategy we follow aligns with the goals of the clients.

Web Design & PR

Design and User Experience

We design unique, custom-made, and user-friendly mobile applications that add the greatest value to your business.

Native App Development

Native App Development

Our app design and development team have expertise in designing iOS and Android applications with the best runtime performance.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Maintenance and Monitoring

We provide round-the-clock mobile application maintenance and support services to ensure hassle-free and smooth functioning.

For Scalable and High-Performing Mobile Application

Transform your ideas into reality with our reliable mobile app development services. Our team is backed with decades of experience when it comes to custom mobile application design and development. We have created applications across various industries from travel, energy, and finance to healthcare.

Our team is proactive and dives into the ecosystem of your business, and understands the markets, business capabilities, and your needs and requirements. We then build a custom strategy that aligns with the brand's vision, helping them unlock the complete potential of mobile technology.

We work closely with the brand and take the inputs at every step, including wireframing or prototyping. With dedicated developers who help you with a “full cycle” mobile application development service, brands now need not worry about business analysis and the design & development of the application. We are a confident team of developers who love to always keep up with and upgrade ourselves as technology advances.

Mobile App Development

We define and follow a process as a sequence of steps to achieve the goal. What we call as “art of thinking,” helps us create high-performing mobile apps for brands and customers.


We start by having a discussion with the client about the project based on the initial agreement. We then obtain a clear idea about the business objectives, requirements, and goals of the client, and document the client's ideas, preferences, and design needs. A thorough understanding of the market, the target audience, and the competition provide us with all the information required to start the planning phase.


During this phase, our team creates the needed documentation and sends it to the client for final approval. We then work on defining a project plan, and branding guidelines. Our documentation also includes the project plan with milestones and case studies.


We start the UI design of the project screens of the mobile application based on the discussion and approval from the client. Once the designs are ready, the same is sent to the client for approval. All our designs are human-centric and are designed keeping the end goal in mind.


We take care of all the requirements for frontend and backend, and web and API integrations. Our team ensures that the app created for you is unique and stands out from the millions of apps online. Hours are spent on coding to provide you with a clean and clear interface. We also involve our clients in each milestone for a timely review.


We conduct thorough testing of the mobile application, right from security, automation, and manual regression. Our experts ensure to deliver quality, bug-free applications for the launch. Testing is also conducted at every stage to ensure quality.


Updating your application as per the latest software release is what we do diligently. We also believe that timely maintenance is important for the smooth performance of the application. It also helps us to analyze the weekly traffic and server load.

The Best Practises We Follow

Coding Style

Coding Style

While there is no right or wrong style for coding, we make sure to use the coding style that suits your project requirements and goals. This is what makes our code easy to read and keeps it uniform.

The App Architecture

The App Architecture

We believe that a good app architecture not only reduces the maintenance cost but makes it easy to test and understand. We mostly use the traditional architecture or MVVM/VIPER.

Integration & Delivery

Integration & Delivery

We follow a continuous integration and delivery process. This keeps the clients updated on the progress and helps us eliminate bugs if any in the early stages, saving a lot of time and effort.

User Experience

User Experience

An app with a good user experience is showered with great reviews. We thus follow all the human interface guidelines to ensure the mobile application is top-notch and provides users with a hassle-free experience.



We take care of the most painful process in app development efficiently. We strive hard to ensure a favorable outcome.

App Store Guidelines

App Store Guidelines

Our team stays updated on the ever-changing app store guidelines. So, we always abide by the same, allowing the app to get faster and more positive reviews. It is our responsibility to make sure the app gets accepted.

We never fail to overlook the important aspects of pre-planning and understand the basics right.

We ask the right questions to lay out a perfect blueprint for the mobile application design and development, increasing the chances for its success.

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Happy To Share Some Feedback via Clients

We contacted Navneet for a mobile application, and the work delivered by his team is stellar. They did an incredible job with the UI/UX, and are pretty structured with their development approach. They were very enthusiastic about the project and were very fast in resolving the issues as well.

Dr. Mir Asif

Owner - MirasCare

Navneet was very supportive of our brands ideas from day one, and the same has been implemented in the app. We have had a really professional and great experience so far, and I am sure the same would continue for further projects. We loved the creativity they have added to our project. Great team to work with.

Bhushan Mehta

Manager - Palm Bliss Resorts

We contact Navneet Khare and team for an ecommerce development project, and they presented various ideas proactively, and never did they push any additional unwanted services to us. They are professional, efficient and know the ins and outs of their industry very well.

Bhushan Mehta

Manager - Palm Bliss Resorts

A team that understands customer engagement and how to create a feature-rich, user-friendly application. We are very impressed by how cool and open-minded they are. They are very optimistic about their work, care about the project they are working on and go beyond to provide the best output.

Nishant Gupta

Owner - Trueloans

I really wanted to think Navneet for providing such creative ideas from the start. He has an out of box thinking and sees stuff from a unique prospective. And, this is what makes their products apart from the rest. A dynamic team of professionals with amazing technical ability is what Navneet Khare and team is to me.

Amit Jain

Owner - Pujarambh

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build an app?

The cost to build an application differs based on various factors and the complexity of the app. The cost again can vary between different mobile development companies as well. A few of the factors that control the cost of mobile application development are,

  • The type of business, its users, products or services offered, and the sophistication required.
  • The platform used to build the application. Hybrid apps cost lesser when compared to native applications.
  • The design of the app, and the functionalities required.
  • Application hosting, security features, testing, updates, and maintenance.
How long does it take to develop an app?

It can take anywhere between 3 to 7 months to build a mobile application that is perfect for public release. The development part of a mobile application includes just the engineering part of it. The design stages and product definition can take extra time. However, a decent mobile application can be developed in about three or four months. This can be achieved by hiring a capable development team, proper sequencing, and by limiting any external dependencies.

Which language is best for app development?

There are exceptional languages that can be used to develop a mobile application that you are proud of. As per recent surveys, JavaScript is the most popular and preferred language with more than 60% of developers using it. The second most popular one happens to be HTML/CSS. Other programming languages are C++, Rust, Kotlin, Ruby, C#, Python, and Swift.

Also, the language used is based on the type of mobile application being developed. The commonly used ones for native apps for Android or iOS are Java, Objective C, and Swift. CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5 are often used for cross-platform or hybrid apps. Apps that require extra security are built using Python, HTML, or SQL as they come with security features built-in.

How often will I have to update my app?

Similar to websites, the needs and trends tend to change quite quickly. Hence, a mobile application needs to be updated at least once a month. Apps with advanced features or successful ones opt for updates at least 3-4 times a month. This helps the application stay current and does not even overwhelm the users.

Which is the best app development company to outsource my project to?

There are many app development companies you can outsource your project to. However, make sure to keep these pointers in mind while doing so. These will certainly help you pick the best company for your app development.

  • Check the portfolio
  • Get some previous client references
  • Learn about the types of apps they developed before
  • Understand the experience they have in your sector
  • Know their client focus, and check if they assist start-ups for an affordable price, or if they work with larger companies only
  • Check about the support they provide post the launch

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