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Each of us believes that the first impression is the last impression, which isn't always true, but first impressions are vital, especially in today's world. There is a higher chance that the first impression its customer will have is through its website or App on Google for a brand. Brands or businesses cannot afford to have sloppy websites or apps with a questionable designs. UI design services aim to create visually appealing, brand strengthening digital interfaces that attract and retain users. We deliver UI solutions tailored for your audience, reflect customer values, and effectively back up your business objectives. Investing in a high-quality user interface design from the start is the best option for you to keep all the visitors to your website satisfied and increase engagement from their end.

User Experience (UX) Design Services

User experience (UX) design services create smooth interaction flows between users and software or a website. User experience (UX) design is an important factor in all digital projects. Let that be a new e-commerce website or an app. Even if they provide great deals and excellent products, the chances of success are limited without an equally smooth user experience. Users these days look for a hassle-free process in everything. A UX design service ensures that customers have more appealing and rewarding interactions with all products and services.

About 59% of people want something stunning in a website design

About 74% of businesses say user experience is vital for boosting sales.

UI-UX Statistics
  • Better UI can raise your website's conversion rate by 200%
  • Better UX design can yield conversion rates of up to 400%
  • People form 75% of their judgment on the credibility of a website purely on its aesthetics.
  • 88% of people are less inclined to return to a site after a bad UX.
  • If a website needs more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of the people leave the website
  • 88% of the visitors are less likely to return to a website after a bad user experience.

Benefits Of Our UI/UX Design Services

Improves Customer Acquisition

Improves Customer Acquisition

A valuable and robust user experience offers a business a strong competitive advantage in attracting and retaining its customers.

Helps With Customer Retention

Helps With Customer Retention

People are more likely to buy from an online store with a beautiful mobile application/website that's easy to navigate and order from.

Optimizes Development Time and Cost

Optimizes Development Time and Cost

UI/UX designers quickly solve usability issues they encounter during and after the development, saving time & costs later.

Faster and Engaging App

Faster and Engaging App

UI/UX designers maintain a required balance between style, graphics, and performance.

More User Engagement

More User Engagement

UI/UX designers prioritize user engagement and use design and style choices to keep the visitors hooked for longer.

Guide Users to the Bottom of the Funnel

Guide Users to the Bottom of the Funnel

UX/UI designers fix problems, guide users throughout their journey, and persuade them to complete a purchase.

Our UI/UX design services are for everyone. You can be a small business just starting out or a full-fledged running enterprise. Our tailored UI/UX design services will solve all your issues regarding designing and end-user experience. Below are the steps we follow to make sure that we exceed your expectations and deliver great results every single time.

Market Research & Analysis

We initiate the UX process by gathering, interpreting, and clarifying requirements to understand user desires and goals.

UI/UX Wireframes

We create a prototype of the whole App or website structure, demonstrating what should be present on the app pages.

Front-end Development

Once the designs are finalized, designs are moved into the front-end development process.

UI Testing Process

We inspect for bugs and errors and provide suggestions on how to improve the performance and functionality.

UI/UX Services We Provide

Wireframe Design

We design a web page with 3 iterations representing the structure of a website or an application's UI/UX, and it is core functionality.

Complete Web UI

Get a fully customized UI that meets your goals and style choices to keep the users engaged for longer intervals.

Software UI

Improve the style of your software and get an appealing design to please your end-user with our UI services.

Full App UI

Turn your App from good to excellent by customizing the controls, buttons, blocks, & all App elements with our UI designers.

Leverage Our Efficiency

Our expertise & efficient team delivers exceptional results within the deadline. Get an ideal combination of cost-effective rates and high-end service worth the price you'll pay.

Let's Design Something Special

Get optimized design and Website/App User Experience. Feel free to schedule a call for queries regarding our services or any doubts regarding the deliverables.

Our expertise in this field and our efficient team allow us to deliver exceptional results within the deadline to all our clients. Get an ideal combination of cost-effective rates and high-end service with us. We offer results that are worth the price you'll pay.

Connect with us today to get started with the optimizing design and user experience of your website or App. Feel free to schedule a call if you have questions regarding our services or any doubts regarding the deliverables.

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Happy To Share Some Feedback via Clients

The work they deliver shows how committed Navneet is. The team is determined and strives hard to deliver beyond one's expectations. The services are very cost-effective, and they do not suggest unnecessary services. I really enjoyed coordinating with them on my website and app development projects.

Ms Sakina


I contacted Navneet about various services and they provided me with the best package. They also scale up their work quite seamlessly and are always on par with our requirements. This is one agency that easily adapted to our way of working, budget, guidelines, and timeframe too. Will hire them for future projects as well.

Sunita Pandey


We had an amazing experience working with the UI / UX team at Navneetkhare. They patiently heard all about our product and provided us with very well-thought and creative designs. They provided us with the structure of the complete website and we are pretty happy with the end results.

Vishal Bhati


We worked with Navneet on a 3-month project and I can say I am very impressed. They understood the scenario very quickly and also took time to do their research. A lot of questions were asked, and a lot of insights were shared before the delivery of the final design. A great team to work with.

Gayatri Sharma


We spoke with many agencies before choosing Navneetkhare. We had to redesign our website and the team was quite professional and listened to what we wanted, and delivered an excellent website. They certainly have everything you will need in a UI/UX firm. I highly recommend their services.

Sanjeev Gupta

Owner- Nebulous

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